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Screens-to-Nature Technology

Containers with compounds

GIBEX has developed and extensively tested Screens-to-Nature (STN) technology, which detects bioactive compounds from plants and other natural sources by low-cost, innovative, simple yet effective, field-deployable assays. Rapidly evolving STN technology enables and empowers scientists, students, and interested community members to explore their local biodiversity to discover natural products for health and wellness. In addition to providing knowledge and effective research tools, STN technology connects students with traditional botanical knowledge, stimulating their interest in science, human health and biodiversity conservation, and promoting natural product studies.

GIBEX does not remove any natural resources from partnering countries. Instead, it trains and equips local scientists and students with the STN technology that can be directly deployed to terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems. In addition to adapting the natural product R&D to the needs of the partnering countries, GIBEX promotes sustainable infrastructure and capacity improvements, local intellectual property ownership, conservation, educational opportunities, and entrepreneurship.