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Metabolome And Genome Innovation and Conservation (MAGIC) Library.

MAGIC Library discs

In 2022, as part of a project funded by the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research, Rutgers scientists transferred RApid Metabolome Extraction and Storage (RAMES) technology to scientists from several universities in Indonesia, including Universitas Nasional (UNAS). A small group of UNAS scientists then used RAMES technology to create a metabolomic library from Indonesian plant species, the Indonesia Metabolome And Genome Innovation and Conservation (MAGIC) Library. After many successful field collection trips, this initial library has grown to contain over 500 ethanolic extracts (leaves, stems, rhizomes, tubers, flowers, fruits and/or seeds) from almost 300 plant species across 90 families. This is the first metabolome library of Indonesian plant species, as well as the first metabolomic library worldwide that uses a miniaturized, physical platform. This platform enhances storage efficiency and compound stability during storage and allows extracts to be easily sent to researchers interested in a particular species, reducing the need for constant field collection, saving time and natural resources, sidestepping the complexities of plant material import/export regulations, and mitigating the risk of exploitative bioprospecting. We hope this pioneering resource will stimulate collaborative plant metabolomic and natural products research among scientists in Southeast Asia and globally.